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TAP Groups
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TAP Group 1 

This group meets 4 times a year for 4 hours.  Participation is from managing partners from firms, in some cases practice managers sometimes attend.  Those practices with General Managers are usually represented by their General Manager.

This is a general group so the discussion ranges across a wide area of practice management and marketing issues.  Sometimes there is guest speakers, but not always.

Often the members are surveyed on topics, via a purpose build questionnaire.  In this way members are able to find out how other firms address issues.

Thea Foster completes minutes from the meeting and follows through on the various Taking Action items.

The 10 member firms range in size from 3 up to 12 partners.


This group 3 times are year, for 4 hours.  The BF stands for Business Fitness as most (not all) of the members use the Business Fitness How Now document management and templates product.

Currently there are 8 member firms, some sole practitioners, the others from 2 and 3 partner firms.  In the case of the 2 and 3 partner firms, generally all partners attend the meeting.

As for TAP 1 this is a general group and the discussion ranges across many practice management and marketing issues.  Again members are surveyed on various topics from time to time. 

A key component of this group is the annual Business Fitness presentation on The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the Australian Accounting Profession.

Thea Foster completes minutes from the meeting and follows through on the various Taking Action items.

“As the organiser and leader of the TAP Groups, Thea plays a huge role in organising is and presenting different speakers and topics that keep us thinking about how we can make our practices better, more efficient and hopefully more profitable.”


This is a specialist group for the people of firms who are in charge of IT.  They may be partners in charge of IT or practice managers, if they have responsibility of IT.  Some member firms have IT professionals working in house, so these attend TAP IT. 

IT consultants specialising in accounting firm applications also attend the meeting.

The group in NSW now has 14 member firms represented and meets 3 times a year for 5 hours.  No minutes are prepared. This group often has specialist guest speakers discussing new products and services.


This group has a similar format to TAP IT NSW, though only meets once or twice a year and currently has far less members.


This group has a similar format to TAP IT NSW, though only meet once or twice a year and currently has far less members.


This group has now been operating for 5 years, and meets once a year to discuss the developments in SMSF.

There are currently 12 member firms.  Firms are represented by either a partner or, in some cases, by a manager in charge of SMSF.

No minutes are prepared but members share details on various issues including:

  • Software used 
  • Size of team
  • Contravention issues<


This group meets twice a year for 3½ hours.

This is a specialist group of partners in charge of audit.  Apart from one national firm, the members are all from smaller firms.  The member firms range in size from 3 partners to 16.

The firms undertake significant quality audit work, though generally not for listed entities.  Often the work is for sizeable not for profits.

The topics discussed include:
  • Audit software used
  • Difficulties with audit pricing.
  • Issues with registration of new auditors.
  • Ensuring clients understand and appreciate the full audit process.
  • Audit manuals.>
  • Staffing.
“TAP Audit Group provides an excellent forum to network with other audit practitioners & discuss audit issues currently affecting our practices, ranging from ASIC auditor registrations & quality control, to pricing of services & latest audit technology being used.  A great resource, thanks Thea”


This group is having its first meeting in 2013 and will be modeled on the very successful NSW group.

For our first meeting on May 17th 2013 we will have participation from CaseWare and CCH Engagement, plus a presentation by Carmen Ridley, the Principal of Australian Financial Reporting Solutions.

“As the sole audit practitioner in a 12 partner regional practice I have found TAP Audit an invaluable resource.  The interaction with other professionals with similar issues and the punchy sessions from the pertinent guest speakers, ensure that we always come away feeling that the time commitment was well rewarded.  The ability to take an audit manager along also provides a valuable mentoring opportunity”

What Next?

Contact Thea on 02 9968 1130 or to discuss which Group might best benefit you and your firm. You will find out about membership gaps and what new Groups are being created. Plus of course, the current price for meeting participation.>