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Antony Vidray
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Antony Vidray

30-Apr-2012 I attended a seminar run by Thea recently and at the time I was going through a massive upheaval at my Accounting Practice and significant change, mostly with generational change. Her seminar could not have come at a better time for me as most of what she said resonated with me. Having won a book prize from her at that seminar for embarrassingly having the most items on my “Things to Improve in my Practice” list, I set about ticking the items one by one off that list to make a difference in my work place. Whilst I have sat through many business improvements workshops many with good ideas, many that repeat, most of them lack the one key ingredient that Thea is able to deliver – and that is a sense of empathy and emotion attached with dealing with the human beings in our workplaces that we call “staff”, rather than treating them like cattle or commodities as sadly many firms do these days. Her anecdotal stories drawn from years of experience gives the listener a sense that this lady has the experience in dealing with real people, in real situations and has given them real solutions.
It is without hesitation that I give Thea my full endorsement”.

Antony Vidray  BCom FCA (Partner in Charge of People and Performance) 