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I attended a seminar run by Thea recently and at the time I was going through a massive upheaval at .. more>

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Hi and thanks for finding, visiting or revisiting us

If you want contact details, see the footer below

If you want to know the problems with which we help, read below

  • Lack opportunities to meet with other practitioners to share experiences and ask questions?
  • Need support with a firm planning process?
  • Help with practice management and marketing workshops?
  • Coaching to develop professional client seminars?
  • Help with a proposed partner admission and/or practice purchase or sale
  • Facilitate resolution of proprietor disputes?
  • Coaching partners to improve performance?
  • Assistance developing a marketing plan?

Here are some answers to help with other questions you may have

Q.  What products and services exist to assist practitioners?

A.  We have a site to help, visit

Q.  Does Thea still do the ICAA PPPs?

A.  In late 2012, after 20+ years I decided I had hit my "use by" date and stopped working on the ICAA PPPs.

Q.  Do you only work with Accountants in Professional Practice?

A.  No, from time to time, we do work with solicitors on practice management and marketing issues.  We also offer presentations for financial planing dealer groups and financial skills training for people working in SME's and large corporates.

Q.  How do you bill?

A. One off facilitation work is billed by arrangement with the client, either at an hourly rate or a fixed fee.  TAP and SF Group fees, apart from first meetings, are billed prior to the meetings and are due or payment on or before the meeting.

Presentation work is billed as a fixed fee, as arranged with the client before the work is started.

Consulting work  is billed at an hourly rate, this is agreed with the client before starting work. 

Hourly rates are determined by taking into account the complexity of the issues involved, the urgency of the matter and the special skills required.  Unless otherwise stated invoices are due and payable within 14 days.